A parable

A parable:


A large hole needs to be dug in the dry ground, so the thirsty people can have water.


A person sits in the dust, pondering the situation. With no tools, he briefly begins to dig with his hands. But he soon realizes the futility of this. Others stand around and agree that the job is impossible. The man throws his hands in the air and declares, “It can’t be done! Besides, it’s not my responsibility and I don’t have the authority to make others do it.”


Not far away, a second man sits in the dust, also pondering the situation. Having only his hands with which to dig, he quickly realizes the futility of digging alone. He stands up from the dirt and looks around. He asks the people standing nearby, “Does anyone have a shovel that I might borrow to better do this work?”

“Why yes,” someone responds, “I suppose you can borrow mine.”


As the lone man begins to make progress with the shovel, a couple more people see that progress and want to be part of the success. “I also have a shovel,” one says, and then another. “Can I be of help?”


As word begins to spread that something good is happening, a man with a bulldozer from far away arrives and offers his help.


Others come as well, and soon the “impossible” task is completed. The rains come, filling the new lake, and all benefit from the labor.


I try to be that second man rather than the first; a “servant/leader” who sees more than futility; who sees possibility and, by example, creativity, and leadership, pushes forward to make good things happen.


I prefer to look up from the dirt and reach for the sky.

Elect me as Bullitt County’s 4th District Magistrate, and together let’s see what “impossible” things we might achieve.