About Me

Open Letter to Voters


Friends, I am running for election as the next
4th District Magistrate of Bullitt County.


I will run as an “Independent” in the general election.  Now, to do that is generally considered nearly impossible, and there is lots of evidence to back up that assumption.  But I do think there is an opportunity in this coming year for individual voters to be heard, no matter their party affiliation.  I have good and respected friends in both parties and I believe this friendship and respect is mutual.  I share some values of each party, and of both.  But I also disagree with some things in both parties, so I chose a few years ago to be my own person, and leave it in God’s hands.


Some folks might call that indecisive, but I consider it just the opposite.


In running for office, I’m not seeking fortune or fame.  I’m not wealthy, but I’ve never really required much for happiness beyond the satisfaction of doing good things, and for much of my life I have been blessed in doing them.  The office’s salary would mostly just give me one more way to help others less fortunate.  As for fame or title, I have two walls at my house covered with plaques, awards, and certificates;  I’m not looking for more.


At age 64, I’m not looking for a career or advancement.  This is simply one way for me to do good on a larger scale for my community.


At my age, I am no longer able to do much door-to-door campaigning, so I must depend heavily on the reputation I have already earned along the way, and on good people like you to build support for a positive change in our county.


My Priorities are simple:  Good, reputable government.  Actively presenting Bullitt County in a better light.  Making sure the needs of the regular citizen are heard.  Paying attention to often-neglected communities such as LJ, Beech Grove Road, Pine Creek Forest, and all the others.  Protect citizens as much as possible from intrusion by government.  Work with caring people who know what they are doing on the opioid and other addiction problems.  Finally fix the Highway 44, Cedar Grove Road, and other traffic problems.  Actively represent the entire district.


You might have read some of my “Bullitt County Memories” stories, and perhaps you know of my years of volunteer work all around the county.  I know Bullitt County’s past and present, it’s communities and countryside, better than most anyone else.  I can bring that understanding to good use for us all.


I am not a life-long resident of Bullitt County, but I have lived here, in the 4th District, for over forty years.  Raised my children here.  Enjoyed life here.  Been active here.


Though it is not what is expected anymore, I speak honestly and respectfully.  I try to say what I mean without guile or conceit.


In running for office, some people might now think that things I do are politically motivated.  Check my history; look through my personal Facebook page; ask around about me.  I do volunteer work almost daily, privately and in many organizations, and have done so for most of my life.  Public service is part of me because it is just the right thing to do.  I do what I do for community, not for self and I will always do so in whatever capacity I am allowed.


I hope you will allow me to serve as your Magistrate.  I ask for your support. and your vote.  If you know me already, please tell others about me.  I trust that most of it will be positive.


~ David Strange






Resume’ – Education and Recognition’s

I much prefer praising others, especially those devoted individuals who seldom get the praise they deserve. You can see that in most of my media posts over the years, in which I photograph others and mention others rather than myself. But as a candidate for office I am asked to provide a resume’ of qualifications. Here is a list that shows my education level as well as some of the recognition’s received over the years. I will share a brief history of service and accomplishments  on another post.



Education and Service Awards


  • Education:
  • Two college degrees. Business Administration with extra classes in Business Management. Graduated Magna Cum Laude.
  • Certificate in Paralegal Studies.
  • Graduate (as well as instructor for several years): Leadership Bullitt County.
  • Graduate: Kentuckiana Regional Leadership Coalition.
  • Graduate: Lions Clubs International, Leadership Program.
  • Some Recognition’s:
  • City of Lebanon Junction: Key to the City
  • Certificate of Appreciation from VFW Post 8293 “For meritorious and distinguished service in furthering the aims and ideals of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States”.
  • Certificate of Appreciation from the VFW Ladies Auxiliary “for continuous support of our veterans”.
  • Bullitt County Citizen of the Year Award, twice, in 2004 and 2013.
  • Bullitt County Scottish Rite Club Outstanding Citizen Award, “For his extraordinary effort and dedicated service to our Bullitt County Community”.
  • Award of Service: Bullitt County Genealogical Society.
  • Trunnell Family Recognition for cemetery restoration work.
  • Certificate of Recognition: Mt. Washington Historical Society, “with sincere appreciation for many years of dedicated service to the continuing advancement of education in Bullitt County”.
  • Recognition Award for parent service on a school Site-Based Decision-Making Council.
  • Recognition Award for service on the Bullitt County Public Library Board of Trustees.
  • Certificate of Appreciation for Service from Pine Creek Forest Fire District (Later to become Southeast Fire District).
  • International Association of Lions Clubs Recognition Award, “In recognition of outstanding leadership and devoted service”.