Open Letter

This is an open letter from David Strange to the citizens of Bullitt County and specifically to those that live in District 4.
David is not your typical politician and is running for public office for a better reason.


All infrastructure within the county needs to be reviewed. Everything for sewage, internet access, water to roads. There is much room for improvement.

Organization Skills. Organizational Results.

Here are just three of several solid examples of David Strange‘s organizational skills and his ability to get real things done. For space-sake, we focus mainly on one of the three here. Legislative Redistricting.

Welcome to David Strange for District 4 Magistrate


Who I Am

There have been so many good people in my life; people who made possible so much of what I am.

My Vision

I would just like to see what I could do for our communities WITH a title and a little official authority.

My Mission

My heart has been with serving others for as long as I can remember; certainly, since high school days so long ago

County Budget

My goal would be to ensure as a county we are funded properly and we maintain control of all expenses.

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October 19th, 2018

I appreciate this endorsement by Lynn Martin in the Pioneer News (10/17/2018). If voters in the 4th District elect me on November 6th, I will do my very best to make Bullitt County proud of the choice...

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A parable

October 19th, 2018

A parable:   A large hole needs to be dug in the dry ground, so the thirsty people can have water.   A person sits in the dust, pondering the situation. With no tools, he briefly begins to d...

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Letter of Support

July 5th, 2018

I’m so thankful to Lynn Faust for her letter to the editor in support of me in today’s (June 13, 2018) Pioneer News.Here’s a clipping of the letter. The text of the ad she is talking...

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A White-Paper on Improving Highway 44

July 5th, 2018

A White-Paper on Improving Highway 44 One needed project of many. David Strange May 29, 2018 People have been talking for the majority of my life about the need to improve Highway 44 in Bullitt County...

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What People Are Saying


David is just an all around great person. He puts everyone before himself and has worked for the people of Bullitt County for many years. He will always do what is right for the county and not himself.


BC Resident

George Westrup

IMG_8011 (2)

David Strange and wife Bonnie have been my friends for many years. Our paths have crossed in many circles basically in volunteer organizations. As a former leader in the local American Red Cross, I have for many years seen David provide meaningful invocations at our annual Valentine Gala, always prepared and willing to contribute cheerfully.

After retiring from GE (31 years), David saw a real need to protect, research and organize the history of Bullitt County. Along with support from other concerned citizens, he helped establish our esteemed Bullitt County History Museum located in the county courthouse. It goes without saying that it is his efforts and his vision that we have historical artifacts and records preserved for posterity.  I share David’s legacy and pride with this wonderful contribution to our community.

In my opinion, being community-minded has always been a big part of who David is. Besides, he is dependable as the sun coming up each morning, diplomatic and has great communication skills with people. You can count on the fact that he would spend the time researching issues, be accessible to his constituents, and represent the people well. He is a gifted writer having written for many years a well-read Courier-Journal historical article about Bullitt County and its people.

I can think of no one better to serve the people of the 4th district than David Strange and am honored to endorse his candidacy.

Carolyn Sander


I have known David since the late sixties when I was a tag-a-long brother to one of David’s friends.  David had a significant influence on me then and that influence carried through my life and 44-year career with the same company.  In high school, David was one of the smartest kids around, but yet humble.  I was that tag-a-long brother to one his friends.  David treated me in a way I felt welcomed.  David included me in the conversation, plans and as part of the group.  David was a role model for me regarding integrity and compassion.  David was always a great communicator to include in high school.  David was always articulate in written and verbal communications.  Watching David taught me another key aspect of communication, that is listening.  As I grew up, I then only appreciated David’s approach to listening and he stood out.  David listens to understand, not just listening to reply.  Copying that from David paid big dividends in my career.  I think David for the positive influence he has in my life and encourage all to support David for Magistrate.  He is a special leader that respects all, including a tag-a-long little kid like I was.

Dudley M. Daniel


My name is Thad Bewley and I would like to explain why I am endorsing David Strange for 4th District Magistrate. There are several really good people running for this position, but give me a moment to explain why I feel he is the right person for the job.


I have followed David’s voluntary efforts for years promoting Bullitt County through articles in the Courier Journal along with his tireless work in the Bullitt County History Museum. He gives of himself in all kinds of endeavors and in attempts to help this county without seeking recognition or reward. I see he genuinely cares about the people and goings on within Bullitt County . This is not a political thing to David.


This is probably the reason he chose to run as an independent for this seat . He sees the constant Blue and Red stalemate as a barrier . He would rather bring people together than to divide with party politics. He does not measure progress with development and profit . He values the overall benefit of the people who live here .


I believe as the 4th District Magistrate this will not be a part time job to him. He will be passionate about it and will be on call 24/7 to do all he can to serve Bullitt County and the people in it . Therefore I personally believe he is the right person for this job and deserves your vote . He doesn’t want the job as a paycheck , he wants the job to greater serve the people he has already been working hard for .


Thad Bewley

Support David Strange. He will always give you straight honest answers without spin and will not use jargon or meaningless or misleading statistics. David will work hard to represent the 49th District with determination and a vision as well for the county. He possesses a tremendous integrity and an impeccable character. He will continue to support local business so that we can grow the economy to fund vital public service.  Let’s all support David Strange .
SGM Jose R Rosario
US Army, RET. 

Make a Donation

Help me win in November! I hate to have to ask people for money however it is a necessity of today’s political environment.
If you prefer to make a donation via check those can be mailed to:
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